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Hi, i'm Niv!!

I'm a 21-year-old Korean-American student. My pronouns are he/him. I live in North Carolina, and I'm studying to be a librarian. In my free time I like to play Overwatch, tabletop roleplaying games, and racket sports, depending on how much I feel like moving. I'm depressed sometimes, but I'm working on it. Also i'm bi!

This is my monument to myself. A stela to selfhood, even. It contains most of the stuff I've engendered, and ungendered, that's worth looking at. And probably a lot of stuff that's not. But who cares?

𝕋he 𝕊tuff

I've been making a lot of games recently. I have a soft spot for first person shooters, typing games, and puzzle games, but I especially love story-based games like Night in the Woods or Undertale. I've been working on a VN called purrgatory for over a year now. Though the Fates constantly ensnare me in their threads, I swear I'll finish it eventually.

Making games evolved naturally from writing. I like slice-of-life, and I would describe my usual style as piquant but plain. You might notice that most of my work is apocrypha! (Better known as fanfiction.) I've been through Warriors, My Little Pony, and Wings of Fire phases, in that order. And yes, every fandom I've ever been in has involved talking animals.

As far as music goes, listening to too much Lapfox Trax in my formative years has Pavlovian trained me to enjoy any track with a rave stab or Amen break. Also speedcore. If that's up your alley then you should check out my music!

Sometimes I draw, too, but there's not much to say about that.

This record is far from complete. Some of the stuff I make is hard to display, like Discord bots, tabletop campaigns, and card towers. I've also made a lot of rhythm game charts, of which the surviving ones you can find on osu. But hopefully this collection is entertaining, if not exhaustive. :3

Last updated June 29, 2020

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